Thinking Skills At Work

In a 2 year study commissioned by the Employment Department, STSC-like tasks simulating common workplace problems and situations were trialled in controlled studies with vocational trainees and employess. Significant improvements in workplace thinking, problem solving and personal effectiveness were reported amongst subjects in all studies.
Four STSC vocational modules entitled Thinking Skills at Work (TSAW) are now available for use in schools. The more adult TSAW contexts are geared to the world of work and career choice decisions. They are ideal for students in their final two years at school. The TSAW modules also have a specific application in promoting key skills within NVQs and GNVQs.

Applications of the
Vocational Modules

TSAW modules
Problem themes
Preparing for Work
14 years to adults
Careers and PSE courses Preparing for work courses
Career planning & vocational preparation




14 years to adults
Careers and PSE courses Vocational education, key skills within GNVQs and NVQs
Budgeting, stock control, time management, customer care, negotiation, error analysis, giving and receiving instructions, managing many tasks at once, dealing with the unexpected/non-routine.



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