Can we teach intelligence?

Dr Nigel Blagg

"Probably the best evaluation of a thinking skills programme I have seen . . .a model of what an evaluation can be. . . a real-world one, with all the problems of real-world schools. . .the evaluation is amazingly comprehensive, looking at both pupil and teacher performance, and using a variety of different kinds of methodologies, including paper-and-pencil tests, observations, checklists, questionnaires, and the like. This is really a class piece of work."

Robert Sternberg (Department of Psychology, Yale University)

This compelling book provides one of the most comprehensive and detailed evaluations of a very popular cognitive skills course - Reuven Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment Programme. Feuerstein claims that this programme - a model for diagnosing and remedying cognitive deficiencies in poor attainers - can equip pupils with the basic prerequisites of thinking, thereby enabling them to become more effective learners. Combining innovative and traditional experimental techniques, this text analyses both teacher and pupil outcomes on a wide range of issues including abilities, accomplishments and behavioural characteristics. The implications of the study are set against theoretical and practical issues involved in other popular intellectual skills training programmes. "Real world" concerns that have been largely ignored by research literature are addressed, as are their effects on the teaching of thinking skills.


A valuable text for the courses in education (especially those stressing educational development and cognitive psychology), school psychology, and applied psychology courses with an emphasis on education.

Contents: Introduction. Teaching Cognitive Skills: Issues Past and Present. Feuerstein's Beliefs, Theories, Assessment Model and Intervention Programme. Instrumental Enrichment Evaluation Design. The Pupils. Review and Discussion of Main Findings. Wider Implications.

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